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Agile Tester Foundation

40 Hours


Virtual Class

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Skill Level

Course Overview

The Agile Tester Foundation course offered by ITLearnner provides a comprehensive understanding of key concepts in Agile testing, including the Agile Manifesto, principles, methods, testing techniques, and tools. Agile testing is an integral part of Agile software development and requires a different approach from traditional projects. Agile testers must understand the values and principles underlying Agile projects and their role as part of the whole-team approach.


  • ISTQB - Certified tester Foundation level certification

  • Basic knowledge of software testing concepts

  • Understanding of the software development lifecycle

  • Familiarity with Agile software development methodologies

Target Audience

  • Quality Assurance professionals

  • Software Testers

  • Test Managers

  • Project manager

  • Business Analyst

  • Agile Team Members

  • Test analysts

  • Test leads

  • Developers

  • Scrum masters

  • Product owners

  • IT professionals involved in Agile software development

What You'll Learn

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the core principles and values of Agile software development.

  • Apply Agile testing methodologies and techniques in real-world scenarios.

  • Contribute effectively as an Agile tester within a cross-functional team.

  • Create and execute comprehensive test plans in an Agile environment.

  • Implement effective test design techniques for Agile projects.

  • Manage regression risk and ensure high-quality software releases.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to gather and prioritize requirements.

  • Utilize Agile testing tools to enhance efficiency and productivity.

  • Evaluate and improve the testing process through retrospectives.

  • Communicate test status, progress, and product quality effectively.

Learning Journey


  • ISTQB - Agile Tester Extension certification exam, 

  • This certification demonstrates proficiency in Agile testing methodologies and principles, and enhances career opportunities in software testing and quality assurance. 

What is included





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